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Guardian Monitoring Systems

Boat Sentry is a monitoring app only and as such will not prevent damage to your vessel. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the phone’s sim card always has sufficient available credit and to take immediate remedial action in the event of any alarm notification. We also advise you to ensure a visual inspection of the vessel occurs on a regular basis

Guardian Monitoring Systems takes no responsibility for the failure of any components that may result in damage to the vessel or items being monitored.

Boat Sentry App

  1. This is a unique copyright work developed by Mark Pickering, the Developer.
  2. No guarantees are made expressly or implied, that the application operation will prevent loss or damage to or in the monitored area.
  3. The Developer, the licensor, agrees to indemnify and hold you the customer and user, harmless from any copyright infringement claims made against the Developer with respect to your usage of this application.
  4. You the customer, the licensee, agree to indemnify and hold the Developer harmless from any damage claims or lawsuits made against the Developer by you or your agents, with respect to your usage of this application.
  5. You the customer, agree to the licensing terms, which require you use a correctly licensed product at all times.
  6. This product is not certified for use in mission critical, life and death environments, such as aerospace, medical ICU, nuclear plants etc.