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No. In order to receive software updates, simply hotspot the application phone to your own mobile phone to connect to the Internet to receive the updates.

Yes – this is how the app communicates with users. We recommend using Telstra as they have the widest coverage.

No. We recommend using Aldi’s $15 per annum SMS only plan as this will last approximately 12 months.

You can set the phone up with your country code and it will contact you wherever you are within mobile/cell range. Alternatively, you can have a local nominee advised ie. a friend, mechanic or marina manager etc.

You have the ability to load the position (ie. Marina, berth no) into the app and it will include this in text messages if/when sent.

You could supply your own mobile phone however we don’t recommend it as we cannot guarantee the app will work on it. We have done extensive tests and trials on the mobiles we supply so we guarantee that they will work.